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Example of verbiage to use - Attorney General and Secretary of State:

Subject: I Oppose Texas SOS Emergency Election Advisory No. 2024-20


I am writing in opposition to the Texas SOS Election Advisory No. 2024-20.  This advisory is an attempt to protect the secrecy of the ballot through numerous, broad-ranging public information redactions.  These proposed redactions render Texas elections unprovable and not auditable to the public.  Texans MUST be able to independently verify that election results are true and correct.  The proposed redactions are unacceptable in a constitutional republic whose continuing existence relies upon verifiable and lawfully-conducted elections.  The proposals in this advisory will greatly diminish the already critical lack of trust in the elections. The AG & SOS should be recommending County-wide voting to be abolished due to its numerous flaws.

I also respectfully request an investigation into whether the Secretary of State is waiving Texas election law in its Advisory, in violation of Texas Bill of Rights, Section 28, which prohibits any branch of government from suspending Texas laws, a power reserved only to the Legislative branch.  Is making Texas elections not auditable by the public an enumerated power of the Executive branch of the Texas government?


Example of verbiage to use - County Commissioners' e-mail:

Subject: Please add evaluating changes in our Voting System to the Agenda as a priority


County-wide voting system is flawed. The latest opinion from our AG and SOS only make these elections less transparent. Making us, Tarrant residents, no longer comfortable or trusting of the election process. We need to take action fast and that starts with the commissioners court.

I urge you to add to the commissioners' court agenda an item to discuss and vote on implementing in-precinct voting, before November elections, to restore the trust and fairness in our elections.

Please add this item to the agenda ASAP and if needed promulgate a special meeting to address this issue right away!

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