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Municipal Elections

MAYOR responsibilities

  • Supervision and coordination over the executive and administrative staff and activities of the local government; 

  • Signing and approving bonds, deeds, and contracts; 

  • Submitting annual budgets and providing annual financial audits; 

  • Appointing the attorney, fire chief, municipal county judge, city manager or county manager, and department heads

CITY COUNCIL responsibilities

A city council POSSESS the authority to pass municipal ordinances and budgets, make appropriations, and even set local tax rates.

Local school board responsibilities

  • Adopt goals and priorities and monitor success

  • Adopt policies and review for effectiveness

  • Hire and evaluate the superintendent

  • Adopt a budget and set a tax rate

  • Communicate with the community

COUNTY COLLEGE board responsibilities

provides final approval for District policies, budget, faculty and staff appointments, construction, and for all other matters of District development and operation. It also has the power to levy taxes for the construction of physical facilities and for District operation within the authority granted to it by state law and the voters of the District.

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