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support roe vs wade being overturn by encouraging and praying  for our justices

Shortly after the draft of the decision by the Supreme Court overturning Roe vs Wade was leaked, the left started rioting against the possibility of this ruling, which would allow the states to be responsible for determining whether abortion will be legal or not in their respective jurisdictions.


We need to counteract  the left's attempts to intimidate our justices with prayers, words of encouragement, and support towards them.

Contact our supreme court justices to show your support for Roe vs Wade being overturned, while praying for them and thanking them for taking such a monumental stand on this controversial topic.


Samuel A. Alito

Clarence Thomas

Neil M. Gorsuch

Brett M. Kavanaugh

Amy Coney Barrett

call  the following numbers (Monday through Friday 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.)
Telephone: 202-479-3000
TTY: 202-479-3472.

mail a letter or card to the below address:
1 First Street, NE
Washington, DC 20543

to whom should I address my letter?

please contact each justice individually, to get a greater effect. address the envelope to: Justice (surname), The Supreme Court of the United States.

pray for this decision to be confirmed:

say a prayer for our justices not to be corrupted or scared by the leftists mobs into backing from their decision.

"Lord we askyou for the hedge protection around the Supreme Court members to protect them from any outside influences And we pray that They would seek you for wisdom, that only comes from you in all their  decision-making, In Jesus name we pray Amen ."

Tell your representatives what is important to you

‘Save Texas Rally and Prayer’ committee and attendees, are keeping a close watch on these key legislative priorities. We will hold representatives accountable and continue to partner with conservative champions.

By pressing on the "Fill Online" button, you will gain access to read and fill the letter to show your support for conservative priorities. You can select as many of these priorities for your representatives to take action on.

Just fill the Input fields and Press the "Done" button, when complete. We will receive a copy of your letter and will personally deliver it to your representatives' offices in Austin during the 88th legislative session.

Let's make our voices heard!

If you are not the tech-savvy kind, you can download and print the letter, here.

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